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Book: Fire on Ice

After an exciting fourteen-year career in the thrilling winter sport of bobsled, Christian author Jeremy C. Holm has given us the life-changing book, Fire and Ice. Full of unforgettable experiences and deep insight into the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Fire and Ice is a must read for any sports fan or follower of Christ.

Racing down an icy track at 80 miles per hour leads you to think of many things. For Jeremy C. Holm, it made him think of God. In Fire and Ice, Holm shares his experiences as a bobsled pilot and coach, presenting a message of faith and personal courage that will inspire you to come closer to Jesus Christ and reach for that ultimate prize of eternal life.

"A thoughtful, powerful approach to the commitment and sacrifice needed to reach our goals in this life and in the life to come." -H. Blaine Lindgren, Olympic Silver Medalist, 1964 Tokyo, Japan"

“Fire on Ice” is a book that combines the sport of bobsled, the guiding principles and history of the Olympic movement and the doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into a powerful, inspiring and instructional piece.

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"When you grow up inside a metal and fiberglass rocket and hurl yourself down icy tracks at 80 MPH dressed in spandex, you learn that God truly works in mysterious ways. I know that neither my inner desires nor the encouragement of an apostle are assurances that I will be published, but I fell that whether for me or for the good of others the manuscript needed to be written.

It has been a labor of love for as I looked back over my years in this sport and my small involvement in the Olympic movement I have felt blessed. There has been a tremendous strength added to my testimony as I recall the ways God has put forth his mighty hand in my behalf. Behind every medal I have there is a deeply spiritual story and here I get to share some of them.

Without Him this book would be nothing more than dry words floating on the breeze that carries unsuccessful books to their graves.

I know that what I do is very rare and I feel blessed to participate in such a marvelous event. As an avid reader, I have spent countless hours reading books that have touched my life. Indeed, one of my bobsled traditions is to read the scriptures or another faith-based work to help clear my mind for the rigorous task of piloting a 1,400-pound missile down the track.

The foundation of the book is, of course, the basic principles of the Gospel. And while they are doctrinal themes that are covered over and over again, my goal is to use the thrill of a fascinating sport, the clout of the Olympic movement and the far-reaching influence of sport to approach the subjects from a different angle.

I’ve structured the book with shorter chapters so they are “bite-sized.” In many ways this makes the topics easier to handle and the stories much more impactful, but also allows the reader to cover as much or as little as they desire with each reading.

I will also include illuminating photos that coincide with stories being told and graphical visuals to help illustrate any aspects of my sport that the average reader might now understand. Plus, the book will have a Glossary of Terms to help define the common bobsled phraseology that I use.

Each chapter is founded on one main principle of their parent section’s topic and contain at least if not multiple personal stories taken from my bobsled career that help illustrate that theme. I also rely on the scriptures and teachings of Latter-day Saint Church leaders to help exemplify.

In addition, in some of the chapters I infuse the guiding principles of the Olympic movement, both modern and ancient, to create further impact. No one can deny that the Olympics have a powerful hold in today’s world, one that inspires and motivates and I hope to use that influence to help each reader improve their life. That is my main goal: to educate and inspire the reader to greater faith, greater esteem for self and a deeper relationship with their Heavenly Father and the Savior."

-Jeremy Holm, author

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“Fire on Ice: Gospel Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Sport”