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Jeremy's Quotes

Looking for a good quote for a presentation, paper, Facebook status update or just in need of a pick-me-up today? Here's a collection of some of ideas and principles that I have jotted down over the years. Use them, share them, love them! Just remember to give me credit if you use one of the quotes or link back to my site!

"Losing what we think is good for us is painful until we find what is perfect."

"If you can keep a firm grasp on the mental image of who you want to be you won't find yourself wasting time on pointless pursuits. Focus your energies on reaching your star, not playing in the mud."

"I would rather live with failure than regret. I can learn from my mistakes and failures, but regret is like a cancer that eats away at my conscience and resolve with that great question, 'what might have been?' Don't be afraid to try something great just because you fear failure. Fear regret."

"No one can light the fire within you. That power is solely yours. You can make it burn brightly enough to fill your whole life with power. Or, you can let it go cold and die out. Decide right now to stoke the inner fires and make today your day."

"A man or woman must decide his or her fate and follow it."

"Too many let the world tell them what they aren't instead of remembering who they are."

"Sometimes life hits hard. Some days we have to dig deep and fight back with every ounce of willpower we possess. But that's how we come out on top, by not giving up. Those who find the greatest joys in life are those who play King-of-the-Hill with life...and win."

"We have to be loyal the greatness within ourselves."

"Anyone who was walked those hallowed grounds at Arlington, Gettysburg and Normandy knows that many have come before us in this world. Men and women who have gave their all to give us this chance at life. Don't you think we owe it to them to do something with it?"

"Why are world class athletes so happy? Because they are goal-oriented people. They see a challenge in everything they do. While the average man or woman is complacent doing 'a good job', champions are not satisfied until they have done their best."

"You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will.
You have to work hard before anyone else can push you.
You have to dream dreams before anyone can set goals for you.
You have to take chances before anyone will take one on you.
You have to step up to the plate before someone else will pinch hit.
You must do what is necessary before anyone else will sacrifice.
The best way to succeed? Don't wait for others."

"Don't worry about having an abundance of talent. When you find your dreams, you'll find a way. Life is a roller-coaster. Enjoy the ride."

"When do you quit? When do you throw in the towel? Is it when you're afraid? When you're discouraged? When you're lonely or the competition looks too tough? If you want to succeed in life, learn to take a few hits and keep on going. You might stumble, but keep going. If you won't let anything stop you, nothing can."

"There will always be people who doubt your dreams. People who may laugh or try to dissuade you. They'll say life is hard, reality too harsh for dreamers like you. I disagree. Life is full of challenges, but it also has a way of helping those who pursue their dreams to the end. Mankind's greatest inventors and teachers and business owners and athletes have all learned this one lesson: life is not an enemy to be conquered. Its a friend to be embraced."

"Want a good night's sleep? Give a good day's work."

"When you stop dreaming, you start dying."

"Set specific goals in your life. Goals that will be like anchoring pitons for a rock climber. Decision-making has power, discipline has success. Don't just slide by in life. Climb! The view from the top is always worth the effort."

"Some people feel that because of their mistakes life won't give them a second chance. That's its too late for them, too late for happiness. And it's a lie. Life is about second chances. For all of us. Don't ever let that lie enter your mind, don't even entertain it. Your life is precious and your future is clear. Don't waste it by giving up because life hasn't given up on you."

"Having studied communications, I learned how important talking can be. Most important of all is how we talk to ourselves. When we have the ability to inspire ourselves from within, that is when we become truly great."

"Now is your time. Now is your window of opportunity to achieve greatness. Go out there and take it."

"Sometimes we look into the deepest parts of our souls and we don't like what we find. We look at our faces in the mirror and don't like what we see. The best part about life is that every day is a new day with new horizons and opportunities. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow doesn't exist. Today is your day to make your life what you want it to be."

"Great adversity like an old friend for each obstacle we face is but a chance to improve and grow. Every mountain can be climbed and the view from the peak is incredible."

"There are dark days in all of our lives. Days when when all hope seems lost. It is on those days that we must look inside ourselves and find the strength that we never knew we had. When we do so, we will find that hidden within our hearts was the courage to move mountains of doubt and fear."

"Excuses are easy to make. Efforts require a bit more work."

"No one can carry your dreams for you. Oh, sure, others can encourage you and support you. But you must be the one to pay the price. You're the one who has to go to the bank of life and deposit all your blood, sweat, toil and tears. Then, and only then, will life open its vault of success and pour out incredible things into your life."

"Some of us have things in our lives that are holding us back. Fears, doubts, bad habits, negative thought patterns and so on. Consider these things reefs upon the ocean of life. Until you decide to sail around instead of into them, you'll never be able to reach the paradise you've been dreaming about."

"The question isn't 'Who am I to be successful in life?' What should be asking yourself everyday is, 'Who am I not to be?' Hiding out in life because of fear might be safe, but that's not what we are here for."

"If we would put half as much effort into working towards our goals as we do telling ourselves all the reasons we can't, we'd be done already."

"Happiness can be found where you are right now. It's all about perspective. Outside sources can bring pleasure and sensual stimulation, but true happiness comes from within. No one can take that from you."

"It isn't about how much money you make, what club you belong to, what car you drive, how big your house is, how many toys you have in your garage or how big your investment portfolio is. All these things can be taken away in an instant. True happiness and true purpose comes from improving ourselves, helping others and sticking to our internal guiding principles."

"Sometimes we don't want to take that big step, that one leap of faith that will bring our goals within reach. To me that's like hiking 90% of Mt. Everest, looking at the top and saying, 'Gosh, I just can't make it. Oftentimes in life we are closer to our goals than we think."

"We must all face our Valley Forges, our beaches of Normandy, our Gettysburgs. The hardest of steel is forged in the hottest of furnaces. Don't be afraid of the hard times. You're stronger than you think you are and will come through them all the better."

"The only difference between 'successful' men and women and the "average" person is that they choose to be."

"An unguided ship has a small chance of reaching its intended destination. Make things happen in your life! Take the helm."

"Great ideas are much like a seed. Unless they are planted, nourished and cultivated they can never be harvested."

"There are only twenty-four hours in a day. We don't have time for fear."

"Some of us WHYNE too much. We why-me this and why-me that. Most of the time you won't get an answer. Don't waste your energies in fruitless whyning. Grit your teeth, put your game face on and get back out there."

"You cannot comprehend how powerful you really are. Here you are, on this beautiful earth, surrounded by limitless opportunities to make something of your life. You truly can become anything you want to be. So instead of wondering if you have what it takes to succeed, tell yourself that you don't have what it takes to fail."

Fire on Ice by Jeremy C Holm"We have each been given the tools necessary to either create a powerful destiny or a dismal future."

"Your dreams don't have to be big enough to change the whole world, just yours."

"A lot of times people who try to put down your dreams are secretly afraid that if you succeed, they will have to answer the question, "What might I be capable of?' Your dreaming gives others light and hope."

"Time to ponder and meditate on our lives is one of the healthiest things we can do. Sometimes we have to suck up our pride and eat crow and ask our hearts for directions."

"Surround yourself with good people, trustworthy people. When you have others who care for and support you, you understand that a faithful friend can be one of the sweetest joys in life."

"There's a big difference between those who feel that they have to get out of bed in the morning to face life and those who choose to do so because they can't waste another minute of the day."

"The greatest treasure we can obtain in this life is a life well lived."

"When you learn to focus your every thought, your every energy and your very soul on whatever it is you want out of life, you'll find a passion and a purpose that will make any obstacle seem small, any disappointment a challenge and every success a flood of joy."

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